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Sarah Anderson, CFRA News – October 19, 2012 There’s a new charging station at the Canada Science and Tech museum that

– Denny Scott, My Huron Info. – October 17, 2012 Two local businesses are becoming part of a nation-wide green highway

— Richard Hutton, Niagara This Week – Oct 12, 2012 Downtown Niagara Falls installs EV charging station Does that Volt you’re driving

Clean Technica, Zachary Shahan – October 9, 2012 Market research forecasts are almost never correct, but decent ones do give

David Dodge, Troy Media – October 11, 2012 EDMONTON, AB, If there’s anyone happier driving their Chevy Volt than Phil Dayson, I’d like

Annie Silvester, Bullet News – October 11, 2012 Drivers of electric cars in Niagara Falls will be able to fill up a

They were supposed to change the world. But electric vehicles have yet to make a serious dent in auto sales

— Norman DeBono, The London Free Press – October 4, 2012 London is going electric. The city now has its first

Pedro Arrais, Times Colonist – October 5, 2012 Here is a roundup of electric-vehicle news that recently crossed my desk

— Sharron Ho, Sooke News Mirror – October 03, 2012 Sooke has joined the movement for green and sustainable transportation