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Smiths Falls’ town hall was the first to have a phone and Internet connection available to the community, and this year they may add electric vehicle charging stations to this list.

New station meant to spark public interest. The Town of New Glasgow is quietly making its foray into the battle to conserve energy.

In the next two months, John Felder of Cayman Automotive, who introduced electric vehicles to much of the Caribbean, expects to ship the first electric cars to Cuba.

Relive your childhood love of Lego through Paul Camiré's display at the Ottawa Train Expo 2015

Sun Country Highway President and CEO, Kent Rathwell, powered up his Tesla Model S electric car at one of his company's continent-wide network of charging stations.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for EV Charging Station will be held on April 20th

In Leduc Common, an electric vehicle charging station is located at the Peavey Mart, one of 17 in Alberta.

Provincial government is introducing new rebate program for clean energy vehicles

Number of charging stations in Bend, Central Oregon increasing

David Stevenson's voice becomes noticeably ‘energized' when he starts talking about expanding on the "green energy corridor."