How to Play

It's easy, just get in your EV and drive

The E-mazing race is not actually a race to the finish; but an epic EV challenge to visit the most Sun Country Highway charging station and collect the most points in a one month period.

Join the cross-country tour from Prince Edward Island to Whistler, BC or chart your own path. No matter where you chose to travel you can win great prizes, or even the 2015 E-mazing Race title.

Sign up

Get your tickets, They're free Or opt for the $35 VIP tickets to get a few special perks, including an E-mazing race t-shirt, Car decals and VIP access to all events.

Get Connected

Download the new Sun Country Highway App - the EV Charger locator allows Electric Vehicle drivers to find the Sun Country Highway EV Charger closest to them.


Get in your EV and go; drain that battery on a weekend getaway, grocery expedition or join the E-mazing race cross-country tour from Halifax, NS to Vancouver, BC.


Stop at as many Sun Country Highway EV charger as you can find. Grab a quick charge, and don't forget to check-n on your Sun Country Highway app. Each Charge/check-in gets you point, and gets you closer to an E-mazing Race victory!

Grab a few extra points during the race by attending a launch or finish line events or by visiting sponsored charger locations.