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44.63975 -63.58248 Infirmary Capital Health, Halifax
on 6/17/2015
44.64079 -63.56687 Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market
on 6/17/2015
45.36034 -63.29042 Best Western Plus Glengarry
on 6/20/2015
45.10509 -64.29387 Grand Pre - Just Us! Coffee
on 6/25/2015
1 Greg Dill
Greg & Donna Dill
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Grand Pre,NS
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Grand Pre, NS June 25, 2015
Here we are at JustUs Coffee shop in GrandPre, NS. This is one of our favourite recharging locations....situated not far from Halifax and at the head of the Annapolis Valley, this location offers not only the opportunity to recharge our Leaf but also our body with sunshine and a smooth shot of caffeine, and our mind via the complimentary wifi! This station is a bit slow but who minds when they have all these extras, and good food too:-) The proprietors are always very accommodating. We give this 4.5 stars...missing out on the last 1/2 only due to the tine for charge for those in a hurry.
Truro, NS June 20, 2015
Greg plugging in for a charge at Best Western in Truro...not a fast charge but it works... This charger is the same as the one we have at home., so we knew what to expect for timing.
Halifax, NS June 17, 2015
This is a repeat checkin as when we did this before it didn't register. Here we are checking in at the Seaport charger in Halifax NS. This is a good spot to charge as there is the market or waterfront to explore while waiting, including free wifi in the market. Only problem is the charger is often in "use" for the day by the power company's car in the parking spot In front of the charger and the spot beside it is for disabled making it unavailable to most EVs
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