Beckett Family's Race Progress
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53.91347 -122.75026 Coast Inn of the North
on 6/3/2015
53.81381 -122.95748 Beckett Family Charger
on 6/3/2015
48.82302 -124.05927 Kaatza Station Museum
on 6/22/2015
49.16519 -123.93582 City Of Nanaimo - Underground parking lot
on 6/22/2015
1 Beckett Family
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Nanaimo, BC June 22, 2015
First Parking Stall on the right after you have entered the underground parking garage.
Lake Cowichan, BC June 22, 2015
Visit the museum, park and trails while you charge.
Prince George, BC June 03, 2015
Charged the electric truck
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