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EV charging network set up along TCH
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Nicholas Maronese, Autos – November 22, 2012

Pair drive Tesla across Canada to test chargers

An electric vehicle charger distribution company is testing the 240-volt free charger network they set up along the Trans-Canada highway by making a cross-country EV road trip.

Kent Rathwell and Christopher Misch, president and vice-president, respectively, ofSun Country Highway, are making the westward trek in a Tesla Roadster electric sports car, the Globe and Mail reports.

They set off November 17 weekend from St. John’s, Newfoundland and aim to make it to Victoria, British Columbia around December 20.

The pair are taking with them a jar of Atlantic sea water, which they’ll dump into the Pacific when they reach their destination (the original plan, to dip the car’s tires in the ocean, were scrapped over worries of the Tesla sliding into the drink).

The network of Level Two electric car charging stations they’re testing – routed mainly along the Trans-Canada Highway – are already operational, but their locations will only be unveiled after the execs’ test trip is complete.

A few of the Sun Country Highway chargers have already been spotted and mapped out by Canadian EV enthusiasts, though.

Rathwell says the charger network, which is free to use for the public, was erected without any direct provincial or federal government funding. Sun Country Highway simply donated the chargers and the host locations – “over 80 leading Canadian businesses and tourism destinations” – footed the rest of the bill.

The 60- to 90-amp chargers are already capable of quicker charging times than most household Level Two chargers, but Rathwell’s also “future-proofed” them so they’ll be able to charge even faster in years to come.

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