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Electric car stops in Port aux Basques on cross Ca
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Viewing the demonstration given by Sun Country Highway Vice President Christopher Misch (far right) are, from left, Baxter House, Karen Strickland, Joanne Clarke, Shaun Shea, Stella Pittman, Wanda Pike and Donna Elms.

All eyes were on the Tesla Roadster as it pulled up to the charging station at St. Christopher’s Hotel in Port aux Basques.

Kim PeddleThe Gulf News – December 1, 2012

But the fully electric car is just part of the story. The charging station is one of a network of over 200 on the Trans Canada Highway.

In a mission to create the longest, greenest highway in the world, Sun Country Highway has partnered with businesses and tourism destinations to provide the public with a fully accessible electric vehicle charging network that will take them from coast to coast.

Christopher Misch, Vice President of Sun Country Highway, is now taking the fully electric $200,000 Tesla Roadster on a month long tour across Canada from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria, BC in order to promote the EV charging network.’

A fully charged electric vehicle can travel up to 400km on a single charge at a cost of about $5.It can take up to three hours to fully charge an electric car depending on the model and on how low the battery is. The time it takes to charge is why the charging stations are set up at hotels and tourist attractions.

“Who wants to stand at a gas station along the side of a highway and wait for their car to charge?” he asked. “Where’s the fun in that? This way, it creates an opportunity to stimulate the local economy by having charging stations at restaurants and tourist destinations. It creates economic opportunities for everyone.”

Port aux Basques was the last stop on the island for the fully electric Tesla Roadster. It has now travelled on to the mainland to continue its cross Canada trek that will conclude in Victoria BC in December.

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