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Electric vehicle charging station installed in town
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Donna Beutler, Whitewood Herald – November 19, 2012

Electric car charging stations are not yet so commonplace as to see them at every town along any of our country’s major highways, however the prevalence of electric vehicles on  Canadian highways warrants some chargers for those who drive electric cars.

With car chargers necessary for drivers travelling along our highways, Whitewood was chosen as a spot for a car-charging station. The location of the station here is at the back of the Town Office.

Sun Country Highway Ltd., a Saskatchewan owned company, is promoting the adoption of zero emission transportation. The company was created to build the most sustainable electric vehicle infrastracture in the world.

For electric-car drivers, it means being able to find a charging station in order to re-charge their vehicles.

Sun Country Highway Ltd. formed early in 2012 with an objective to build the world’s longest electric-vehicle-friendly highway. The company can now proudly say that they have reached that objective, three months before anticipated, and in advance of Sun Country Highway’s fleet of electric vehicles making a test drive from Newfoundland to British Columbia – a convoy from one end of the country to the other, emission-free, running off of no gas, no fuel.

90-amp charging stations can charge an electric vehicle with enough power for 100 km in one hour. The charging stations don’t draw power from the grid until they are plugged into a car that is ready to charge.

The installation of a charger in Whitewood helps complete the electric highway across the country and will allow those who operate electric cars to travel from coast to coast. The TransCanada is now lined with 80 charging stations, 100 kilometres apart on average; by the end of next year, Sun Country hopes to have 200 stations in place across the country.

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