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Electric vehicle owners will soon be able to juice up in Sackville
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Sackville Tribune-Post – July 22, 2014

Car charging station will be installed at tourist bureau

SACKVILLE, N.B. – Sackville will soon be home to an electric vehicle charging station, making the town one of many stops across Canada that allows motorists the opportunity to plug in and juice up along their route.

Town council approved the purchase last week of a 100amp Electric Vehicle (EV) charger and will share the costs of the approximately $8,000 project with EOS Eco-Energy, a local organization dedicated to help make Tantramar a sustainable region. The charger will be installed at Sackville’s visitor information centre on Mallard Drive, providing easy and free access for electric vehicle owners.

Coun. Bill Evans said he is pleased to see the town partner with EOS on this project, which shows the municipality is leading the charge on issues that matter.

“I think it shows leadership. This is encouraging people to do the right thing… so I’m happy to support this,” said Evans.

Evans, in response to fellow councillor Bruce Phinney’s concern over the limited number of electric cars on the road today and the projected number expected to visit the charging station, said he’d rather see the town be forward-thinking and proactive than not consider these opportunities at all.

“If we don’t have an electric car charger, then we won’t have any electric cars come here,” he said. “It kind of goes back to the saying, if you build it they will come.”

Coun. Ron Corbett agreed.

“We’re going to have to find ways to lessen our reliance on petroleum . . .and so it’s only natural that there will be more electric cars on the road. This shows we’re preparing for our kids and grandkids’ future and I think it’s a smart move,” said Corbett.

Jamie Burke, the town’s senior manager of corporate projects, said the town will be able to piggyback on an already-growing cross-Canada network of EV charging stations. The Sun Country Highway network consists of over 80 free public access charging stations located at restaurants, hotels, tourist destinations, municipalities and various other sustainability-focused businesses just off the Trans Canada Highway.

Burke said the town can take advantage of the marketing opportunities associated with the new charging station to help promote the town and draw people into the community.

“There’s lots of positives with this project,” he said. “It will help us get our name on the map in terms of the choices we’re making for sustainability.

The electric vehicle charger, which will be purchased from Sun Country Highways, comes with a cost of about $2,800 while installation costs come in around $4,950. EOS has received funds from the Mount Allison Student Union’s Green Investment Fund to help pay for its share of the project.

The town will absorb the operating costs of the charger, with a “fill-up” anticipated to only be about $1 to $2 per charge.

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