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PEI Wired For Electric Vehicles: A Company Is Installing Charging Stations Across Canada
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By 2018, there will be at least 500,000 highway-capable plug-in electric vehicles on Canada’s road, according to a report from the Canadian electric vehicle industry in 2010 (Brian Higgins/CBC)

CBC News, Sept 11, 2012

Driving across P.E.I. in an electric car could be a lot easier with an energy company from Western Canada installing charging stations across the province Tuesday.

Kent Rathwell, president of Sun Country Highway, said the Island is on its way to becoming the first 100 per cent electric-vehicle-friendly province in Canada.

At least 10 charging stations are being set up in various locations across the province.

“We’ve positioned chargers across the province and not only are they electric vehicle charges, they are the fastest 220 amp chargers in the world,” Rathwell said

“They get out of the car, they flip open their charge port door. Grab the plug off the wall and plug it in and walk away. They don’t have any buttons to push or any payment required. It’s a service just being provided by the locations that have installed them.”

Sun Country Highway is gambling electric cars will catch on in North America. So far they’ve installed about 100 of the charging stations across Canada.

Rathwell said even with P.E.I.’s high electricity rates, an electric car is about 90 per cent cheaper to run than a conventional gas vehicle.

Depending on the make of the vehicle a full charge can take about three hours.

The Town of Montague is footing the electricity bill for the charging station on its waterfront.

Mayor Richard Collins said it’s a good investment.

“Oh for sure, this will bring some tourists here. It will be a destination for the waterfront. People will come here and plug in, eat a meal downtown come back and the car will be all ready to go,” he said.

That’s what other island communities are counting on. The charging stations are located at key tourist spots and hotels.

Down the road, drivers might have to pay to use the charging stations, but Sun Country Highway said that’s up to the businesses that host them.

The company said it plans to import electric vehicles to Canada, including transit busses and passenger vans.

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