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Sun Country Highway Ltd named the ‘Best Automotive Solution’
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The company responsible for creating the World’s Longest Green Highway, Sun Country Highway Ltd, has been named the world’s ‘Best Automotive Solutions Company’ in this year’s Clean Tech Awards by The New Economy magazine.

The Clean Tech Awards are given out by The New Economy, a quarterly magazine publication focused on engendering financial investment and to encourage discussion and debate of appropriate strategies for the promotion of global economic growth. The New Economy Awards section of the magazine’s editorial agenda seeks “to recognize those industry leaders who have set out to establish progress – rather than rely on the status quo. At the end of each year we announce a comprehensive list of the very best performers who have changed the way society interacts.”

Awards are made after extensive research of top performers in various industries – “The New Economy analysts look at firms and individuals that pose big questions and answer with big ideas.”

“When Sun Country Highway was founded it was to resolve the long standing chicken and the egg dilemma, to create the infrastructure needed so that Electric Vehicles could thrive, while also creating a model for environmental, social, and economic sustainability – for us it was about helping to save an industry that had failed several times in the past and to move toward a vision for emission-free automotive travel.” – Christopher Misch, Vice President, Sun Country Highway

“Thank you to our supporters, all the nay-sayers for pushing us onward, and everyone that helped us get one step closer to our vision – we see ourselves as enablers for electric vehicles and for 2014 we are working on new and improved technologies that will push the envelope farther, making progress toward a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.” – Kent Rathwell, President and Founder, Sun Country Highway

For more information and to help expand the electric vehicle infrastructure globally, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sun Country Highway directly, 1 866 467-6920, or check out how you can Sponsor a Charger in your community.