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Trans Canada Highway gets a little greener
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Alison Sandor, CFRA News – November 29, 2012

Kent Rathwell’s silver electric Tesla Roadster looks more like a swanky sportscar than your average ride.

It also gets around 245 miles to the charge.

Rathwell is the president of Sun Country Highway, the company that helped install almost 100 electric car charging stations along the Trans Canada Highway so people with electric vehicles can drive from coast to coast.

“We see ourselves as a movement that the average person can actually partake in,” said Rathwell. “Electric vehicles start at around $30,000 and migrate up to over $100,000. But it’s something that the average family can still partake in. Now that they can go coast to coast there’s no excuse on infrastructure and they can save themselves some money.’

Rathwell is driving from Newfoundland to B.C. stopping at the free chargers along the way in the hopes of convincing more people to go green.

“It’s about empowering the families, helping them out financially and helping out the country environmentally to prevent having to introduce new taxes to deal with Carbon and such.”

Sun Country Highway installed the world’s fastest level 2 chargers at hotels, restaurants and cities along the highway. They can be used free of charge.

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