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Regina city council has asked for a report into the feasibility of supporting charging stations in a partnership with Sun Country Highway, an organization that promotes electric vehicles and provides charging stations to businesses.

A recently installed electric charging station at the Crescent Point Wickenheiser Centre had its first user last week.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a pretty unlikely place to find one of the rarest electric vehicles, or EVs, in Canada. But Kent Rathwell, the owner of one of only three Toyota RAV4 EV's north of the American border, is a pretty extraordinary dude.

Salt Spring Island, BC: The Salt Spring Chamber and Tourism Salt Spring, working with local government and community groups, are “leading the charge” in green tourism by working with B & B owners to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

A Regina city councillor is curious whether there is a demand for electric car chargers at municipal facilities, and one local provider is eager to install them.

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