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— Four charging stations installed between Toronto and Sudbury CBC News, Sep 26, 2012 The installation of four electric vehicle

Aaron Turpen, Torque News, September 28,2012 Now that we have had a couple of days to get over the grandeur of

Paul W. Taylor, Governing, October 2012 One man’s test of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure along the West Coast highlights

— Mark Rechtin, Automotive News, Aug 13, 2012 LOS ANGELES — More than a decade after Toyota ended production of the

— Monique Chiasson, Truro Daily – Sept 19, 2012 MILLBROOK – Millbrook Chief Bob Gloade could easily be tempted to give

Jennie Morton, Buildings It’s not often facilities management has cause to align itself with the automotive industry. With growing

An electric car may be greener for the environment but what about the limitations of travelling long distances. A company

— The Guardian, September 12, 2012 Charging stations allow drivers with electric vehicles to travel across province without burning a drop

— CBC News, Sept 11, 2012 Driving across P.E.I. in an electric car could be a lot easier with an

— Nancy MacPhee, Journal Pioneer, September 10, 2012 Eight 90-amp electric charging stations are now up and running across the