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Sun Country Highway is now offering online and mobile advertising. Promote your green message and gain exposure to EV advocates through the Sun Country Highway Website, Mobile Website and App.


Sun Country Highway (SCH) is a leader in the electric vehicle movement, raising awareness and promoting the adoption of low emission transportation. The company website, mobile site and smartphone app attract visitors from all over the world. Advertise with us to expose your brand and directly communicate with a socially responsible demographic.

Over 6,000 website visitors per month
77% Canadian
11% USA
12% Other
1600 new website visitors every month
Over 12,000 Page views each month
26% visit SCH website using a mobile device

Advertising Opportunities

Website Display Ads

The Sun Country Highway website hosts thousands of visitors looking for information on electric vehicles, chargers, industry news and much more. Showcase your brand and green message with banner ads on the Sun Country Highway website.

Mobile Ads

The Navigator app and mobile website provide users information on Sun Country Highway EV Chargers and sustainable businesses near to them. Web, iOS, Blackberry and Android banner ads are available, offering valuable exposure to the EV community.

Email Campaign Ads

The Sun Country highway team sends out weekly newsletters, product and news releases to a list of over 5,000 subscribers. Get your brand exposed to these ev advocates, business owners and decision makers with email display ads.

EV Trip Planner Ads

EV Charger Map is a location-based guide to our extensive charger network. Promote your brand and stand out with a custom pin, location ads and banner ads on the Sun Country Highway EV Charger Map.

Pricing and Placement

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