About Us

We’re Powering Change.

Sun Country Highway Ltd is focused on delivering disruptive and innovative solutions to the marketplace. Our value proposition is focused on advancing a distinctive shift in the marketplace today from the status quo gridlock to one where Sun Country products and services deliver overall economic, social and environmental benefits to the mainstream.


Where Sun Country aspires to be.
People leading global change for a sustainable future.


Where Sun Country is in the minds of our customers & prospects.
Delivering disruptive and innovative solutions.


The top of mind position that Sun Country wants to own.
Making the Impossible Possible


The soul and DNA of Sun Country.
Economic, Social & Environmental Sustainability

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“Currently people spend a lot of hard earned money on transportation. Our vision is focused on helping to improve our environmental health while keeping money in your pockets and allowing you to spend more time with family. Sun Country Highway is fostering a culture of economic, social and environmental sustainability. We are truly making the impossible possible.”
—K Rathwell, President/Founder