2014 VTRUX Fleet

MSRP $79,250   $5,000 - $8,500 Tax Credit


24 KWh liquid cooled lithium ion battery

Driving Range 65km
Charging Req.

Uses standard outlet, or 240 volt outlet or charging station

Availability Now – See Dealer
Suggested Charger CS-90
Charger Current 72 amps

The New Extended Range VTRUX

All the power you would expect from a gas powered fleet vehicle, with the fuel efficiency of an electric vehicle. The new VTRUX can cut your fuel costs by up to 75%, while dramatically reducing petroleum consumption and emissions. Recharging daily, the average driver could expect to refill the gas tank less than 10 times a year rather than once a week.

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Designed for Canadian Fleet Operators

The new VTRUX is well equipped with the new E-REV powertrain, boasting a 1500lb payload capacity, 402hp high torque electric motor and fuel consumption at a mere 2.5L/100km. Get better gas fuel economy than a Prius™ with the payload of a pickup. Move your business forward and be the first in your area to add VTRUX to your fleet.

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